Nvidia FX 5200 windows 7 (and Vista/XP) driver that supports tv-out (svideo).

This is a (very geeky) gem that you won’t find anywhere else – it took me long enough to work it out!

If you are reading this, it is probably because you have an Nvidia GeForce FX 5200 or FX 5 series video card in a Media Centre/Center (MCE) that is not properly driving your TV via the tv-out (svideo) connector. In Vista and Windows 7, the default driver automatically provided by Windows Update is the Vista driver version 96.85.

96.85 in Vista and Windows 7 works fine with FX 5 series cards – except for tv-out, which for some reason it drives at 25Hz. I can find no way to change the output frequency (which is possibly something to do with trying to give smoother, more fluid motion to DVD’s encoded at 24fps – but just makes the screen flicker for normal TV – particularly badly if you are watching in PAL) and the FX 5 series cards are now end-of-life with Nvidia no longer supporting them or releasing drivers that provide support.

However, there is a solution that works a treat! Download the XP driver 81.98 – it has to specifically be this one as I have found the flickering problem to exist in other XP drivers before and after this particular version.

 STOP: This driver won’t install in Windows 7 or Vista as it is. Download the driver – 81.98_forceware_winxp2k_international_whql.exe and right click –> properties –> Compatibility and check “run this program in compatibility mode for Windows XP (Service Pack 3)” – and you are good to go.

Note: That this 81.98 XP driver does correctly drive Aero capabilities – although doesn’t show up as so hot in performance tests – but it is a Media Centre and not an XBOX – right?


30 thoughts on “Nvidia FX 5200 windows 7 (and Vista/XP) driver that supports tv-out (svideo).”

  1. I have been using windows 7 for about a year now (off and on due to video issues) and have ran into a text clarity problem using S Video to my LCD with any G force 5200 NVidia driver and a low resolution problem with the standard VGA driver. Your solution allows to increase my resolution to acceptable levels and beyond. I have perfect clarity with everything including text on my 32″ Sony LCD TV now. The singular draw-back which is not actually a problem at all is that Aero doesn’t work due to the lack of WDDM support with this driver. GREAT INFO – THANKS A LOT!

    1. Thanks for taking the trouble to reply – and tell me that it works for you.

      It is weird about the lack of Aero though. It works fine for me with these XP drivers and Windows 7 Ultimate – and that is on a 128MB FX5200 card.

      Have a look in Control Panel -> System -> Advanced System Settings -> Settings and see if you can re-enable Aero in there.

    2. thanks loads mate ive been trying for days to get a driver for my fx 5200 geforce without any luck then followed your details and yessssssssssssssss all sorted so grateful mate thought i would have to reload xp again or get new card hopefully i can now use second monitor thanks loadsssssssssssssssssssss

  2. I have Nvidia FX GeForce 5600 but it does work for Window 7 driver error is given by computer .
    Plese tell me about this>

    1. Safwan,
      I am not quite sure that I understand your problem. Are you saying that you used this driver for a 5600 but you now get an error?

      If so, can you tell me the error message?


  3. OK,
    Sorry for my poor english.

    It’s work after long and long night.
    I installed all nvidia driver for geforce 5 and I saw this page.
    I have Windows seven and a geforce FX 5900XT, just after install the 81.98 I reboot.

    After reboot my tv is now in Pal (black and white before), now in color
    Before installing the 81.98 I have modify the registry base to have old nview menu


    unzip and lauch “enableoldNV_CP.reg” to enable the old menu nview, and “disableoldNV_CP.reg” to disable.

    When I have enable old nview , it does not work.
    It work after installing the 81.98 nvida driver.

    Now I have the menu nview.

    If does won’t work maybe you can try rivatuner to force resolution or frequence for screen (like TV, I think it’s for you own risk).

    Thanks Woody

    1. Flo,
      A big thanks for taking the time to comment. I can assure you that your English is a lot better than my French!

      That is a great tip about enabling and disabling the menu.

      I confess that I have tried rivatuner (and some similar apps) but I never had any success with them.

      Best wishes,

  4. Found this latest driver


    Your best bet is to:
    1. Download the NVIDIA driver version 190.62 for Windows Vista and Windows 7 32-bit from this location: http://laptopvideo2go.com/drivers/wi….62/disclaimer
    2. Extract the driver to a temporary folder.
    3. Download the modified INF file from the same page you downloaded the driver. Save the INF file to the same temporary folder you extracted the drivers to.
    4. Answer “yes” when prompted to replace the file.
    5. Run setup.exe from the temporary folder.

    This should get your video card working on Windows 7, but realize that you may not be able to run Aero.

    1. Thanks SatGuru, it’s good to know that this particular driver will run the FX5200 on Windows 7 – but the specific point of my article is that the XP driver 81.98 is the only driver I have been able to use that provides TV-OUT via the SVideo port AND Aero works fine with it.

      If I didn’t need the TV-Out – then your recommendation below is a really good choice.

  5. Many many many many thanks for this great hint even if I dont use the TV Out of my video card.
    I am installing a HTPC with my old unused hardware with windows 7. The only problem was the Display driver for my Geforce FX5600 AGP. The official Win7 Driver/Nvidia Forceware 96.85 is really weak in combination with the windows media center. After installing the driver you suggested, all the animations in WMC run like a charm! Really incredible because I was already searching for an new video card.

    My old pc runs now HDTV in Windows Media Center thanks to your hint!

    1. Tobias,
      You are really welcome – and thanks for stopping by to comment as it is really great to know when one of my gems helps folk out.

      Best wishes,

  6. Hi WoodyGems. I use Nvidia FX5200 graphics card. My problem is that, when i install the driver you suggested i am able to get my native resolution in the 19INch dell lcd monitor, but Aero is not getting enabled. I tried almost everything. It throws an error message saying WDM drivers are not available in this Graphics card. Could you please confirm whether you can able to run Aero with FX5200 with the driver version you suggested and how did you do that. Thank You.

  7. The good news is this solved my flicker problem! The bad news is directX 9 keeps crashing. It’s crashed trying to run XBMC and WMP as soon as any directX stuff is needed.

    I’m still working on it. :-\

  8. So I’m still having some issues with this, sir. I did everything you explained, messed with the NVidia setting, and finally got my secondary monitor (TV) to work in full color. I was very excited, so thank you for that, but now every time i open a video file, my computer automatically shuts down and reboots on me. Any idea why, or what i can do to fix this?

  9. You are a lifesaver. I hacked together a second MCE system for our bedroom with Windows 7 to use group data off of the main system. The video issue here was the last hurdle I had to overcome before it was a perfectly usable system built out of old garage parts.

  10. I Did It Successfully .. But There is a little problem .. the video ram after installing this driver is 127.0 MB .. And The Aero needs 128.0 .. I’m So Mad Because I’m Searching Every Day .. Do You have A Solution ?!

    1. Mohamed,
      I am sorry – that is so annoying! I have a 2512MB card – so it’s not a problem for me. I think that you are really pushing it to expect Windows 7 Aero to work with a 128MB card 🙂

      Why not try running at 800 x 600 (which is the resolution for UK Freeview in any case)?

      Best wishes,

  11. My computer specs:-
    MONITOR CARD: inno3d nvidia Fx5200 V. 32bit 128mb
    Window7 Ultimate SP1
    compatible with driver 81.98_forceware_winxp2k_international_whql

    I downloaded your recommended driver- 81.98_forceware_winxp2k_international_whql after I tried 96.85_vista version. Your driver is better than 96.85_vista version. However,it still causes my computer automatically reboot or not responses any more after using for 15 mins. Did anyone have any ideas?

  12. Well, I havent checked back here for months, as to my knowledge my ‘quest’ ended here, with the results of either a: use vista drivers, get aero, and no tv out, or B: use old drivers listed here 81.xx , and get proper tv out, but no aero. I have an nvidia fx5200 256mb, and I am surprised that aero does in fact, work for some people. It does not for me, even accross formats. I assume that windows 7 has been er ‘updated’ since these tests were done perhaps? I really had hoped after all this time, some ‘hackers’ could have made a new driver that uses the old frequenies for tv out, but i guess old-skool programmers don’t exist anymore. I do thankyou tremedously for the work you did, finding this information out, it’s saved me alot of headaches and time, thanks!

  13. A BIG thanks to you, Woody! I’ve been pulling my hair out all day trying to get the s-video on my GeForce FX 5600 to display properly.

    Thanks to your post, my HTPC is now complete! 😀

  14. Long time searching … i found omega drivers 1.169.x for vista also work on windows 7 when you run the setup.exe file with windows vista compatability mode i.e. run as windows vista also download the latest directx from microsoft website and install to work in performance.
    For drivers: Go Here! http://www.omegadrivers.net/index.php?option=com_phocadownload&view=section&id=2&Itemid=55
    For directX: Go Here! http://www.microsoft.com/download/en/details.aspx?id=8109

    If it work appreciate & enjoy thanks Bye!

  15. Thanks for the tip, this worked well for me. Specifically because in the NVidia settings for the TV out, I could change the output from composite to S-Video and I finally got color 🙂 many thanks for this find and sharing it with us all.

  16. THANK YOU!!!! What a FIND!!! I have suffered trying to get TV out with this card because my “good” media center PC caught on fire, and I have been reduced to using this PC (with 5200FX Ultra) thank you thank you thank you!!!

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