About Woody

While trying very hard not to be just another Fat Bloke On The Sofa – when a very large professional services company (for whom he was a Senior Manager) decided to increase his leisure time by 100% – Woody had taken to sorting out all the technology that he really should have got to grips with a long time ago.

In the process, armed with Google Bing and a seeming inability to sleep, Woody stumbled into stuff that he thought was really helpful or cool. Now, with less time on his hands, his quest is to find the very best technical solution to each challenge he faces. Invariably, that solution is little known – but should be – and hence becomes a gem, a Woodygem.

Woody is also the author of the popular, but stylistically challenged, www.howtogetbroadband.co.uk

Woody was reassuringly expensive and available for hire until he was seduced by one of the world’s more successful software companies. He now seems to spend most of his time advising business in the Financial Services Industry on how to optimise their investment in IT.

The very important end note:

This blog is my own personal work – and represents my personal views only. This blog is absolutely nothing to do with my employer and has zero connection with my employers products, brands, trade,  patents or ethos. This blog is product and brand agnostic. I am only interested in the very best technical solution to any given problem – and if I find a solution that shines – I don’t care who made it – or who will automatically benefit from it – I’ll just blog about it as a “Woodygem” *. Similarly, all information published in this blog is already in the public domain – there is nothing here that is subject to NDA or any type of commercial confidentiality.

*Of course, we need to be realistic. While I will identify gems – I am hardly likely to identify any products from my employer as crap. That sort of provocation wouldn’t really mark me out as the brightest tool in the box – would it? So, if I don’t mention some obvious product or tool as a gem – don’t presume that I am making a comment by its absence – I am just not making a comment.


7 thoughts on “About Woody”

  1. Hi Woody,

    I’ve used WinDirStat to look at folder sizes in windows XP file system.

    Have you ever seen something like WinDirStat to visualize the size of folders in outlook 2007?


    1. Mike,
      You pose a very interesting question!

      I suppose, the requirement for such a tool is fairly niche, as in Outlook, you can right click on the PST (or top level folder) and select (data file) properties -> Folder size and it lists the size of all the folders. OK, it doesn’t show it graphically, but then you can order your email in those folders by size – and hence see which are the biggest.

      I guess a WinDirStat like tool would be very cool though. The closest I have got to this is xobni (http://www.xobni.com/ ) where their earlier (free) beta versions did have significant (and not always accurate – in my opinion) stats built in. That doesn’t seem to be the case now – and they are charging for the version that would be the most useful.

      What you could have a look at, is tools that go someway towards suggesting that they can do what you seek. I have no experience of these mind – so I am not recommending them – they are more for the curious:



      Hope that helps!


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  3. I am glad I found this site Woody as Google had sent me to another Woody that is only a few miles from town

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