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How to speed up Windows 10 (Technical Preview – Build 9926)

If you are a Windows 10 Technical Preview “pioneer”, you will already be loving the enhanced GUI, Cortana and the new Notification Center etc. HOWEVER you might find it goes a bit slow at times and, if you like to keep an eye on Task Manager, you’ll note that CPU utilisation can shoot up randomly – so here are two Woody Gems® for how to remediate that:

Warning: If you are currently running Windows 10 Technical Preview, then this article assumes that you know what you are doing. If you are unused to using regedit or of a slightly nervous disposition, then DON’T TOUCH THAT DIAL – here is a picture of some kittens instead.

1. If enabled, speed up Windows 10 by disabling Windows Installer logging

See: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/223300

Note: The “Fix it” won’t run on Windows 10 – so ensure that you delete (if it exists) this key:


2. STOP the Diagnostic Tracking service:

In Task Manager,  find and expand, the Service Host Local System with from 17 – 23 processes/services. Right-Click the Diagnostics Tracking Service and select “Stop”

Task Manager

[Yes, you could permanently disable this Service – but given that I am not entirely sure what it does – except for chewing CPU cycles – it might be safer to just stop it as needed]

That’s it – Windows 10 Technical Preview will go like the clappers now.


How to make Windows 8 (and Outlook 2013) go a bit faster

For those who have already upgraded to Windows 8, or who have bought PC’s with it newly installed, you will already have discovered that it is a great new Operating System that increases productivity – once you get your head around the fact that it has two user interfaces: The normal desktop – ideally suited to those without Touch Screens and the Metro Modern Windows UI – for those with Touch screens.

Most folk with recent hardware will find that Windows 8 is extremely fast and fluid – in fact, it flies along on a Lenovo G580 in our household – so much so, that even though it doesn’t have a touch screen, users just use the Modern UI – because it just seems to offer a faster way of getting things done. However, there have been reports from folk who, on older hardware, feel that it is not so snappy. In response, what follows, are two tips that should speed things up a bit – but at the loss of some fluidity in scrolling etc.

Give it a go – and please do post a comment if you find it makes things better or worse (so I can gauge the effectiveness of this Woodygem™ ) – as both of these tips are fully reversible and will cause no damage:

Speed up Windows 8 by turning off all unnecessary animations:

1. Select “Ease of Access Center” in the Control Panel:


2. Select “make the computer easier to use:


3. Scroll down to the end of the page and put a tick in the box for “turn off unnecessary animations (when possible):



Speed up Outlook 2013 (might work for other versions as well)

1. In Outlook, select File –> Options

2. Select Advanced and remove the tick from the box beside “Use animations when expanding conversations and groups”


3. Click “OK” and you are done.


Note:  This advice is only suitable for people running Windows 8 on a PC that does not have a touch sensitive display. While it will work for PC’s with touch sensitive displays, these two tips may impact your overall experience in that things might no flow so smoothly when you are flicking things around with your finger.

With Thanks:  To Ric Harris for the initial confirmatory testing.