Nov 2014 Update: For those having trouble with get_iplayer

July 2015 Update: Please read this article FIRST.

For those trying (and failing) to download radio programmes via get_iplayer, Peter has very kindly responded with a solution here.


This is a very swift blog entry (and an experiment in blogging direct from OneNote…) for those folk who are having trouble with get-iplayer (see my original article)

Starting 30th Oct 2014, the BBC removed the previous way they published iPlayer RSS and Feeds to make way for a new API called Nitro – and it has broken a lot of third party apps (including the iPlayer plugin for XBMC). This has naturally caused a LOT of upset.

The good news, is that the folk over at Square Penguin seem to have managed a workaround and have now released an update: V2.90

If the V2.90 update doesn’t work for you, try this:

Presume that you want to record “Rule Britannia! Music, Mischief and Morals in the 18th Century:

Copy (CTRL-C) the iplayer programme URL (ringed in red) which is:

Paste (CTRL-V) the URL into the Quick URL box in get_iplayer PVR and then hit Record

Once the download is complete, RIGHT CLICK on the file in Windows Explorer and select Properties (should be right at the bottom of the drop-down box that appears).

Click on the Details tab and click in the title box to edit it to be the name of the downloaded programme. This will enable it to show up with the correct name in whichever video player you use.


7 thoughts on “Nov 2014 Update: For those having trouble with get_iplayer”

  1. Thanks for that, copied the URL and hit record, after being unable to search using the programme title. It worked a treat.

  2. Hey Woodster, Im new to this site so just trying to get to grips with it. My first query is about the search page where you are invited to tick a number of boxes. What is the difference between BBC radio and BBC Live Radio? This leads to my second question; can you actually record live programmes that are on air or not? My other query relates to searching. For instance, today I looked for Solaris using search box and then URL which simply returned the list of programmes. In the list no sign of it although it is still on iplayer
    . For years, I have used a certain brand of radio that records to an sd card either live or by timer, purely for the recording of BBC drama. It does a great job but the radios are unreliable. I am on my fifth in six years and they are £100 a pop. So this looked like a kind of alternative but let me be absolutely clear – your player is for the precise job of downloading programmes that are on iplayer?
    Oh yeah, and how come you are not being hounded by Beeb lawyers?
    Or maybe you are….of course the other alternative is Pirate Bay proxy sites but they are sometimes hit and miss and can take five hours to download an hour’s programme.

    1. Hi,
      Some great questions:

      1. I think I have made it as clear as I possibly could, that:

      a) I am not the author of get_iPlayer and I don’t even know the folk (personally) who made or maintain it.

      b) I have paid for my TV licence and so don’t see a moral difference between downloading and recording programmes from iPlayer, compared to recording them off-air – as most VCR’s, TV’s and set-top boxes can do these days.

      c) In any case, I understand that you don’t legally need a TV licence in order to be able to watch iPlayer, so the downloading of iPlayer programmes is a personal moral issue for the reader – not me.

      d) So no, BBC lawyers aren’t chasing me – neither do they have any reason so to do.

      2. No, get_iPlayer can only download and record Radio and TV programmes that are published via iPlayer. If it is not on iPlayer, get-iPlayer can’t record it (that includes Live streaming programmes)

      3. The get_iPlayer inbuilt search is wonky – due to the way that the the BBC keep jiggering around with iPlayer meta data. This is all covered by the folk over at Square Penguin and if you really need to continue using the inbuilt search, you should keep up to date with the Square Pengiun site and the discussions in their forums. I personally find it more reliable to FIRST locate the programme in iPlayer that I want to record, and then input the url to be recorded by hand. This hasn’t failed me yet and I provided step by step instructions here:

      4. Searching for “Solaris” in gets no results – so you can’t therefore record it with get_iPlayer.

      Hope that helps,

  3. Yes thanks. Solaris is in the no longer available category so thats why that failed. The BBC’s obsession with copywrite baffles me. It is not their job to safeguard the income of writers they use.
    Take the case of my recording radio. There is nothing to stop me recording a radio drama and then distributing it. However I would be breaking the law by distributing it which is why there is a teeny notice in the radio handbook saying recordings are for personal use and its not our responsibility if you do this or that etc.Now some stuff on teh BBC I understand they own and make a lot of money by distribution.
    However, take a serialisation of a book, by, say, Thomas Hardy. If there is any infringement its up to the Hardy estate not the BBC, I would have thought. But surely the next move must be software for live streaming recording?

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