Fix: for VERY slow WiFi in Windows 10

Article updated 6th Jan 2016 – please see addendum at the end

Some users of Windows 10 (any build number) have complained that their WiFi has been going slow –  VERY slow. Separately, some people, who haven’t noticed that they have a slow WiFi connection, have complained about other symptoms related to a slow network connection – like poor quality Skype, Lync and Skype for Business calls.

I have discovered that the problem is related to Bluetooth being turned on.

Here are my speeds from the Thinkbroadband  Speed Test (a far more accurate test than others out there) showing my speeds with Bluetooth turned off and then on:

BT screws wifi woodygems

To cut a very long story of testing with various WiFi and Bluetooth drivers and testing with PC’s with different WiFi and Bluetooth hardware, I have discovered what causes this problem (but I don’t know why – yet).

The fix, is simply to turn OFF location in Settings –> Privacy –> Location:

W10 location woodygems

Obviously, I would love to know if this fixes slow WiFi for you – so please leave a comment.

Addendum 6th Jan 2016

After further testing, I have discovered the problem/fix to be much more subtle and while still related to the Location state, it doesn’t actually matter what state it ends up in, as long as the state is toggled.

i.e. If your have WiFi AND Bluetooth ON AND your WiFi is running slow, simply try changing the Location state to the opposite of what it currently is and then change it back again.

For me, on a new install (any W10 build) or rebuild/update, if WiFi and BT is initially ON by default I have SLOW WiFi whatever the state of Location i.e. Location can be initially on or off, it doesn’t matter. What is important, and the fix for me, is that the state of Location just needs to be toggled in order for slow WiFi speed to recover.

© Woody – January  2016

[This article is original work – over which I own and retain copyright.

You are welcome to use and otherwise republish this article as you will – but I just request that you attribute me as the original author. Thanks.]


13 thoughts on “Fix: for VERY slow WiFi in Windows 10”

  1. This is insane!! Toggling the location as you said from off to on or on to off fixes the problem entirely.. Cannot believe they have not patched this!

  2. this really worked. But I inverstigated further; I have changed blutooth driver to windows 10 generic blutooth driver fixed this wlan issue.

      1. Andres,
        I am not quite sure what you mean by “generic drivers” and if I did, why you would want to change to them?

        In the main, Windows (7, 8, 8.1 and 10) should install the correct drivers for any device automatically – but remember, that Microsoft engineers are not magic. i.e. they can only provide the drivers as provided by the relevant hardware manufacturer – and as confirmed by that manufacturer to be correct. This explains why sometimes Windows updates a driver to one that doesn’t work – well, it’s because the hardware vendor gave it to Microsoft and asked them to roll it out as the correct update OR, those cases where you can download later/better drivers direct from the hardware vendors site – because the hardware vendor hasn’t given them to Microsoft to distribute yet.

        Hope that helps,

  3. This solved my issue with Wireless PCE-AC55BT device issue. The story is, Since this wifi card comes with bluetooth, the PC build guy did not connect the bluetooth to the motherboard. I think he knew about this problem. ha ha. When I manually connected , this issue might have started. thank you so much anyway.

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