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How to speed up Windows 10 (Technical Preview – Build 9926)

If you are a Windows 10 Technical Preview “pioneer”, you will already be loving the enhanced GUI, Cortana and the new Notification Center etc. HOWEVER you might find it goes a bit slow at times and, if you like to keep an eye on Task Manager, you’ll note that CPU utilisation can shoot up randomly – so here are two Woody Gems® for how to remediate that:

Warning: If you are currently running Windows 10 Technical Preview, then this article assumes that you know what you are doing. If you are unused to using regedit or of a slightly nervous disposition, then DON’T TOUCH THAT DIAL – here is a picture of some kittens instead.

1. If enabled, speed up Windows 10 by disabling Windows Installer logging

See: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/223300

Note: The “Fix it” won’t run on Windows 10 – so ensure that you delete (if it exists) this key:


2. STOP the Diagnostic Tracking service:

In Task Manager,  find and expand, the Service Host Local System with from 17 – 23 processes/services. Right-Click the Diagnostics Tracking Service and select “Stop”

Task Manager

[Yes, you could permanently disable this Service – but given that I am not entirely sure what it does – except for chewing CPU cycles – it might be safer to just stop it as needed]

That’s it – Windows 10 Technical Preview will go like the clappers now.