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The best (and cheapest) UK Internet (broadband/ADSL/ISP)?


This is a popular question – which keeps on coming up – particularly as a result of my review of the Revo 3700 – so here we go:


I have been using Plusnet since 2004 (when ADSL first came to my village) and I have had no reason to change since then – so I guess that gives you a bit of a clue!

The reason for me staying with Plusnet are:

1. Stability – the connection very rarely fails – in fact I can’t remember the last time it did.

2. Plusnet are now owned by BT

3. Plusnet only use their own Call Centre based in Yorkshire

4. Price: Plusnet are pretty competitive (they say that are the  cheapest in the UK – but I have no way of verifying that) BUT imagethey do price according to the number of other Broadband suppliers who have their own kit in the exchange that serves your house – known as Local Loop Unbundling (LLU). Plusnet refer to this pricing strategy as “Marketplace” – with three tiers, Market 1, 2 and 3 – where 3 is for exchanges with the highest number of alternate LLU Broadband suppliers – and so the price is lower to reflect this.

The headline is, that if you live in an area served by a Market 3 exchange, the cheapest Plusnet broadband will cost you £6.49 per month.

For all sorts of marketing reasons, it is very difficult to find out precisely what the service is from each broadband provider – but the Plusnet Usergroup (Plusnet have quite a strong and vociferous group of users who keep them in check) publishes some handy tables – which include pricing:







So, there you go, click on the links or tables above to go to Plusnet and review the offering in more detail.