How to get a Windows 8 PC to connect to a network printer if you get the “no driver found” error

If you have arrived at this page, it is probably because you are trying to connect your Windows 8 (RTM) PC to a network shared printer – either a standalone printer (WiFi or ethernet connected) or a printer that is connected to another PC or server and shared out to the network.

bing has brought you here (although other Search Engines are available …) because you are scratching your head in trying to work out why this doesn’t work in Windows 8, but is fine in Windows 7. I have no idea why it doesn’t work – but I think I have a fix, read on:

I have a Windows 7 PC (called Woody – of course …) on my home network that has a Canon iP6700D directly connected to it that is shared  to all other PC’s on the home network.

All the other Windows 7 PC’s on the network can add this Canon printer and print to it fine.

Yet with a Windows 8 (RTM) PC connected to this network, while I can see this shared network printer, when I try and connect to it or add it or whatever, I get this error:



Note: That it says “no driver found”.









I have now worked out how to add this shared network printer to my Windows 8 PC, and it now prints fine.

Here it is on my Windows 8 PC:


I don’t think that the method I used is special for this particular Canon printer, it should work for any printer for which you are getting this problem – and as a bonus, this method will work for Windows 7 as well as Windows 8:

1. Navigate to Devices and Printers and select “Add Printer”

2. Select “The printer that I want isn’t selected

3. Add a “local printer or network printer with manual settings

4. Select “Create a new port

5. Type of Port – “Local Port” (oh yes, trust me on this)

6. Enter Port name. In this case, “\\Woody\Canon Inkjet ip6700D” – where Woody is the network name of the PC that is sharing the printer and Canon Inkjet ip6700D  is the name of the printer that you shared (as it appears on the network).

7. Choose the correct driver (in this case, for the Canon ip6700D – but select the correct driver for your printer):


8. Job done!

2 thoughts on “How to get a Windows 8 PC to connect to a network printer if you get the “no driver found” error”

    1. Phil,
      You don’t say what Operating system (7, 8 or 10 – oh yes, this still works with 10 …) so I am a little in the dark 🙂 However, this does sound like a permissions issue – in that you don’t have sufficient User Access Control (UAC) to make this new port on the PC you are on.

      Go to Control Panel -> User Accounts -> Manage User Accounts and check that the username (that you are currently logged in as) is a member of the Administrators group. If it is not, change it and if you can’t, it means that you are not logged into the PC as the administrator or as a user who has administrator privileges. So at this point, you need to find the person who owns, configured or manages the PC, to fix that for you.

      Hope that helps,

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