Welcome back!

When I started off this blog – let’s be honest, I had some time on my hands – in which to bumble around in the global super highway.

Three years on – and my quest is sharper. I have had some real – and seemingly rare requirements – for which I have either had great difficulty in finding an appropriate solution – or I have discovered something so awesome that it really is a gem. Either way, this blog aims to bring those gems to light for those still searching – and who happen on this page in the process.

I could have not bothered and kept this all to myself – but a few months ago, I found myself reading quite a popular (and amusing) UK blog from a guy who works in advertising (so I figure – he should be good at doing this blog stuff). In his “about me section” he made a big point of having 800 readers per month – so curious, I decided to check mine. I was surprised to find some real Long Tail stuff – in that although I last posted an update 10 months ago, I am still getting a steady readership of 700-1000 people a month – so I thought that it was about time I gave you something new to read.

To be crystal clear, this blog will only feature those things that I consider to be absolute gems – and usually unique and the sort of thing that you have been searching for (and not finding) for some time now.

Each gem represents a solution to a problem that I have genuinely been searching for – and while I am normally successful in that search, there are two things that stubbornly evade me:

1. A simple calorie counter for Windows Mobile. i.e. something that you can type in the number of calories (as you eat them) and it will present a daily/weekly/monthly fat-boy guilt total.

2. A real gem of a free house design/floor plan program. The closest I have got so far, is Dibanet from Roca and the Ikea kitchen and bathroom design software.



3 thoughts on “Welcome back!”

  1. Great to see woodygems revived!

    btw, for some reason or another I get asked for a username and password while browsing the woodygems site?

    1. Ollie, that’s Weird! Is this happening on the RSS feed? I sometimes get that with hotukdeals RSS feeds. I have checked on all the PC’s in the house – and I can’t reproduce – sorry. Nice of you to stop by in any case – you’ll have me reminiscing about the old days soon! 🙂


  2. Have you tried Sweet Home 3D? it’s free, downloadable and runs in Java. It allows floor plan and also allows a 3D view of the space as designed. http://www.sweethome3d.com/index.jsp is the link.

    I’ve also been using the excellent and free Draft Sight for planning an extension… might be overkill though as it’s a full CAD programme.

    Good to see you back, been occasionally checking back since a friend gave me your link to ket JK defrag 🙂

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