FreeMind – free mind mapping software

I have spent ages looking for free software that would allow me to map out thoughts and ideas and the interconnections between them all – before I finally lose the plot altogether…..

imageYou could do this with Visio, but I don’t have a copy – and if I did, I am probably too lazy to read the manual.

Let’s face it, mind mapping software is pretty niche – so there is not a lot of it about. I think that Freemind is the best – it is a real gem – particularly as it is free.

2 thoughts on “FreeMind – free mind mapping software”

  1. I heartily endorse your recommendation of FreeMind, it’s great, it’s free, and it’s getting better almost by the week.

    Referring to mind mapping software, you wrote “there is not a lot of it about”. Hmmm. If you mosey on over to and select “mind maps” in the Refine software list tab, you’ll get a list of 69 current software packages. If you also check the “Historical” box, the total comes to 82 and many of the historical packages are still available, even if not supported.

    In the last year around 10 browser-based mind mapping web services have come on line, many offering a free option. (,,,,,,,,, and a bit earlier,

    So this niche is rapidly widening and filling up and there’s more of it about than there used to be. And I won’t even start on concept mapping products!

    The master list of mind mapping &
    information management software

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