JkDefrag – best free defrag utility I have bumped into in a while.

Having a home PC that seems to be rapidly filling up with junk – aka Dolly Parton MP3’s – I have found that defragmenting (optimally arranging the way that files take up space on the HD to enable faster access) is something that I need to do regularly.

I seem to have tried them all (well, all the free defrag tools) Sysinternals Contig, O&O Defragmenter and Auslogics etc, etc.

One tool that I had high hopes for (but it’s only a free trial for the first 30 days) was UltimateDefrag from Distrix. However, there have been stories of variable  support for Vista and the fact that (for me at least) the Distrix web site seems to have been off-air for two weeks now – not something that inspires confidence.

Quite by chance, I have stumbled on a free defragmenter called JkDefrag – which does support Vista – and is easy imagepeasy to use – no install, just run it and it works automatically (leave it to run overnight). The results, in my opinion, have been very good and as it uses Windows API’s, there is no chance of anything screwing up – a major consideration if it’s your precious data being shuffled round on the disk.


One thought on “JkDefrag – best free defrag utility I have bumped into in a while.”

  1. The defrag tool worked a treat – so far, have done it on two laptops and both are a lot quicker than before – noticably better than the inbuilt windows defrag tool. Thanks for the tip!

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