"TheGodFather" – weird name for the best free software for organising MP3’s (and a lot more beside).

I bumped into TheGodFather because I had two specific requirements for which I could find no other free software that could satisfy. 

To illustrate, I have a home imagePC on which four different users have their own logins running iTunes for updating their iPods. iTunes is not bad for ripping CD’s to MP3’s (because you can configure it to automatically rip to a specified location AND eject the CD after ripping. So, to rip your music collection with iTunes, it’s just a matter of feeding it with CD’s.

This has resulted in MP3’s scattered all over the PC in personal folders etc,  a lot of which are duplicated because user A doesn’t know that user B has already ripped a CD. The result is multiple rips of the same CD and disk space disappearing at a rate of knots! In fact, running out of disk free space was what sent me in search of a tool to help.

TheGodFather was the only free tool that I found that could, all in one action:

  1. Find all the MP3’s on the PC and move them to a new location – automatically placing them in  image alphabetically ordered folders by name of artist and album etc (TheGodFather works this out from the ID3 tag).
  2. Remove duplicate MP3’s – by simply specifying that files can be overwritten by other identical files as TheGodFather locates and moves them.

Of course, TheGodFather does a shed load of other stuff imageas well – including automatically editing ID3 tags – or completing extra tag information from freedb.org etc.

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