Possibly the best and cheapest UK Breakdown cover?

A little left field this one – not technology related at all – but it’s a Woodygem nonetheless:

I have just bought a new car – and given that it’s my own – not the companies, it’s my problem to deal with it if it breaks down. In the UK, you seem to have 4 options for Breakdown Cover:

1. Use one of the big boys like the RAC or AA – V expensive and they sell cover as if it was double glazing – i.e. trying to get the most money for it at any given time – so the cost is not related to the value.

2. Smaller players like Direct Line, Green Flag etc.

3. Insurance based where you call a towtruck out and then claim back the cost.

4. Using Tesco vouchers to buy RAC cover – where 20 quids worth of Tesco vouchers buys you something like 80 quids worth of RAC cover etc.

However, I have discovered Autoaid. They don’t seem to advertise, they do have a website  but when it comes to signingup – you have to call them (you can’t buy via their site).

Basically, if you breakdown, you call Autoaid and they organise someone to come and fix the car (or tow it away). Average response is 45 mins (on a par with the big boys) and you pay the towtruck guy and claim the full cost back from Autoaid.

They seem to get very good reviews on moneysavingexpert.com etc and there is some suggestion that they are actually the delivery company behind some of the tier 2 players. In addition, there are stories about Autoaid calling out the local garage and a man arriving in a big Yellow van – as it seems that the RAC and AA subcontract out some of their work to local garages who just have vans in the correct livery.

Anyhow – why is this a woodygem? Well, the cost really – 32 quid (yes 32 quid) per year and it covers husband and wife driving any car.

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