Syncing a Sony Ericsson K750i (or any other SE phone for that matter)

After being sent two previously non-working K750i’s (what is the matter with the QA dept over at Sony Ericsson?) I have been wrestling with the the Sony Ericsson PC suite – which doesn’t seem to sync all my notes from Outlook (why is that?) and seems the most flakey piece of software since Apple iTunes was released on windows ….

So, I went in search of a solution. Unfortunately, I have yet to find any (free) software that is better at syncing the phone with Outlook, but I did come a cross a rather remarkable application in the process. It is called “floAt’s Mobile Agent” and can be found here:

My advice is to FIRST install the stable version followed by the beta (the beta has more features but I noticed that it installed differently on it’s own – compared to putting the stable version on first).

Once installed and connected to the PC, you will grin. This software shows all sorts of dynamic info about the phone (like signal strength etc) and you can send and receive SMS with it – handy if like me, you hate trying to send texts on a phone. Hint to daughters: if you have something to say CALL ME – no more bloody texts – drives me nuts … You even get a pop-up message when your phone is ringing and can click on the pop-up to answer the phone AND specify the mode of answer like “hands free” etc.

Trust me, this floAt’s Mobile Agent is really cool.

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